Are FOOD freshly® products allowed to be used in my country?

Our products are authorized for use according to food legislation in the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. We will be happy to confirm for a specific country on request.

How is FOOD freshly® product packed?

Standard packaging is 20 KG boxes containing 20 x 1 KG food-grade polyethylene bags.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Depending on the fruit / vegetable variety and expected shelf-life, FOOD freshly® treatment adds about 0,04€ - 0,10€ to 1 KG of final products.

How do I make sure that the target concentration remains constant during production?

There are a number of ways to accurately measure and control the concentration during production. Please ask us about the solution that best matches your individual requirements.

How much fruits/vegetables can I treat with FOOD freshly® products?


1 KG of FOOD freshly® products treats up to 200 KG of fruits and vegetables


Is special packaging necessary in order to use FOOD freshly® products?

We don’t recommend special packaging in most cases since our products typically achieve target shelf-life. Furthermore, we don’t want our customers to incur additional costs by using special packaging.

Do I need a sanitizer for correct application?

Sanitizers play an important role in fresh-cut processing. Since their use is not permitted everywhere, we try to achieve target shelf-life and food safety by solely using our Freshness Retainers. However, the use of an additional sanitizer may be beneficial in some cases.

Does the use of FOOD freshly® products have to be declared on the final label?

This depends on your individual process and the food legislation applicable in your country/region. Our experts will gladly guide you through this topic with regards to your specific situation.

How long is the shipping time?

We are able to deliver across Europe within 3-10 business days. Asia, South America and Australia can be reached within 2-4 weeks. For shipping times in the US, Canada and Mexico please ask our colleagues at FOOD freshly North America.

Can I use the prepared solution on different fruits/vegetables?

Yes, as long as the FOOD freshly® product is specified for the desired fruits/vegetables.

How long can I use the solution?

We recommend to discard the solution after 8-10 hours since bacteria from treated fresh-cut products may grow in the solution overnight. However, there are technical methods available that preserve the solution by for example pasteurizing or filtering. Please contact us if such a solution may be of interest.

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