Fresh-Cut Avocado

The growing global demand for avocados has driven the development of processed avocado products. However, fast browning poses a challenge to processors and users alike. FOOD freshly® prevents oxidation effectively without causing the avocado to carry a lemon or citric acid taste. Our dedicated research and development in this area has led to formulations that can be applied across fresh and frozen avocado products.

  • Prevents oxidation in Hass avocados and other varieties.
  • Retains original taste (no lemon taste).
  • More effective than common fruit acids, such as ascorbic or citric acid.
  • Applicable for fresh and frozen avocados.
  • No prohibited substances: Cysteine-free.
  • Organic certified solutions available.
  • Shelf-life: 8-14 days (fresh).
  • Application: Quick dip into Food Freshly® solution.
  • Only contains naturally-derived vitamins and minerals.
  • Free from preservatives, allergens and GMO.
  • Approved worldwide by all major food regulatory authorities.
  • GFSI certified.
  • Manufactured in Germany.


1. Cut

Cut fruits and vegetables as required.

2. Dip

Dip fresh-cut produce for 30 seconds into the FOOD freshly® solution.

3. Pack and store

Enjoy fruits and vegetables with an extended shelf-life of up to 21 days.

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Without preservatives

Free from preservatives, allergens and GMOs. Our approved organic products underline our claim.

Easy application

Our products are dissolved directly in water. Then the cut fruits are dipped into the solution for a few seconds.

Easy storage

Our powdered antioxidants are easy to use and can be stored for a long time without complications.