We are actively researching the area of freshness retainer for fresh-cut

Fruits or vegetables often cause a specific challenges for fresh-cut processors. This can be in terms of shelf-life, overall appearance or micro bacteria.

From our 25+ years of experience we understand the complexities that can lead to unsatisfactory results. To guard against this, our technical team – with backgrounds in biology, chemistry and food technology – works on solutions in a modern laboratory environment at our headquarters in Germany. Our facilities comprise a fully equipped Safety Level 1 lab for microbial analysis and a Technical Center for field trials with fruits and vegetables.

As research is a cornerstone of our success, we constantly invest in new technologies, skilled employees and advanced facilities. FOOD freshly® is dedicated to providing customers with the best available solution on the market.

Please reach out to us if you are faced with a specific challenge and our team will gladly help you to find a solution.


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