Along with avocados, Guacamole (fresh and frozen) has generated strong global demand over recent years. Food Freshly® keeps Guacamole fresh and retains its original color. At the same time, our products outperform common antioxidants used in the industry which may cause an acidic, unpleasant taste.

  • More effective than common fruit acids, such as ascorbic or citric acid.
  • No prohibited substances such as sulphites (SO₂).
  • Retains original taste (no lemon taste).
  • Applicable for fresh or frozen Guacamole.
  • Organic certified solutions available.
  • Shelf-life: 8-14 days (fresh).
  • Application: FOOD freshly® added as a safe ingredient to the Guacamole.
  • Only contains naturally-derived vitamins and minerals.
  • Free from preservatives, allergens and GMO.
  • Approved worldwide by all major food regulatory authorities.
  • GFSI certified.
  • Manufactured in Germany.


1. Cut

Cut fruits and vegetables as required.

2. Dip

Dip fresh-cut produce for 30 seconds into the FOOD freshly® solution.

3. Pack and store

Enjoy fruits and vegetables with an extended shelf-life of up to 21 days.