Research and development

We are constantly looking for ways to help fresh-cut processors optimise their operations. This is done by improving existing products, and developing new formulations for applications that are not covered by our standard product range. Furthermore, we look into existing processes, to enhance efficiency.

Sometimes a special fruit or vegetable variety provides a challenge to fresh-cut processors in terms of overall shelf-life, micro bacteria, or process setup. We know about the complexities that can lead to unsatisfactory results. Our technical team will take all of them into account when finding a solution for your individual problem. As a first step we collect some basic information about your current process, so we can start with defining a strategy right away. Sometimes a slight change might even solve the problem.

If an advanced solution is required, FOOD freshlyยฎ conducts internal trials according to your production parameters. Depending on the outcome, we are able to advise on an existing Freshness Retainer, or we will start the development of a new formulation immediately.