O Plus Flavours

Our premium Freshness Retainer for sliced apples

  • Prevents browning of fresh-cut apples forup to 25 days
  • Retains crispness, flavor, and taste of appleslices and other fruits
  • Up to 15% better performance thancomparable antioxidants
  • Organic certified in the EU, US, and Canada
  • only uses nature-based ingredients such asvitamins & minerals
  • free of sulfites, sugar, salt, and GMO
  • complies with all major food legislationworldwide (EU, US, Canada, Australia, etc.)
  • developed and produced in Germanyunder IFS (GFSI) and HACCP standards
  • ideal for apple snacks, fruit salads, andother fresh fruit products
  • dry-blend diluted in water for easy dipapplication
  • designed for fruit processors, retail, andfood service
  • also suitable for other fruits and vegetables