Antioxidants: particularly in demand for fresh-cut salads

As a specialist for antioxidants in the fresh-cut sector, FOOD freshly develops solutions that significantly improve the quality and shelf life of cut fruit. The brown discoloration (oxidation) of fresh-cut fruit and vegetables is specifically prevented by the powdered formulations. In recent months, the company has seen a particularly high number of inquiries for fresh-cut salads.

“The focus is on iceberg and romaine lettuce, which pose a challenge for many fresh-cut businesses when it comes to keeping fresh,” explains Benjamin Singh, Head of Technical Sales at FOOD freshly. “With these varieties, oxidation manifests itself in an unsightly pink discoloration. Fresh-cut salads are therefore often packed in a modified atmosphere or vacuum to prevent oxidation. However, this is not always successful for some varieties, and many companies want additional protection to avoid quality losses and complaints. FOOD freshly offers this safety even without modified atmosphere,” explains Singh.

30 second immersion bath for up to 8 days extended shelf life

Brief immersion in the Food Freshly fresh-keeping solution counteracts the discoloration of Fresh-Cut salads for up to 8 days. Salad processors do not need any special packaging for this. The solutions are tasteless and many times more effective than simple fruit acids.

FOOD freshly completely dispenses with preservatives and problematic allergens such as sulphite (SO2). In addition, many solutions are approved for use in the organic sector. In addition to salads, antioxidants are also offered for sliced apples, avocados, root vegetables and many other varieties.

Once again this year, trade visitors to Fruit Logistica will be able to see the effectiveness of the preservatives for themselves in Hall 21, Stand F-04. FOOD freshly is looking forward to presenting the innovations of recent months and to welcoming its business partners in person again, especially after the long break.


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